Ten Happy Fingers Re-Released

Keyboard player Andrew Duffield has released his album Ten Happy Fingers on CD for the first time.

“We released the album on vinyl, back in 1988, when vinyl was really on the way out. Nobody was releasing vinyl anymore. It seems fitting to release the album on CD, when that medium is similarly on its way out!” said Andrew.

The album will be for sale at the Caravan Club gig on December 9, alongside recent releases: Mark Ferrie’s On Hold, Ash Davies’s Pulse Transit, and other Models merchandise.

“As the latest recordings by Models aren’t ready to go yet, I thought I’d bang out some copies of Ten Happy Fingers to try and compensate”.

Guest appearances on the album include Andrew Pendlebury, Wilbur Wilde, Ron Strkyt, Phill Calvert, Rob Wellington, Chris Harold, Mark Ferrie, Callum McAlpine, Maurice Frawley and others.

But Andrew says the biggest contribution was from trumpeter, Jack Howard.

“Jack played trumpet on four tracks of the album, writing arrangements for the Hunters and Collectors Horns of Contempt brass section – himself, Jeremy Smith on French horn, and Michael Waters on trombone, and the horns really take the music to another level!”

The album will be available online soon through modelsband.com

Jack Howard’s Epic Brass play Memo Music Hall on December 8.

Models play the Caravan Club, December 9.

God Must Be Driving


Ten Happy Fingers – Andrew Duffield

By Andrew Duffield
Release date: 1988-06-03