Andrew Duffield

In the late 70’s Andrew was experimenting with sounds that could be created on his rudimentary analog synthesisers, working with visionaries like Ollie Olsen (as a member Whirlywirld) and Nick Cave (playing keyboards on The Boys Next Door’s debut album Door, Door).

“We were kind of drawn together by the punk movement, half of them from a new electronic music scene, half from this punk garage rock school, and an amateur kind of soif de vivre — a feeling of just going for it,” Andrew recalls.

In this punk-inspired landscape he scored his first movie, Film Work, only to be lured back into a band environment, joining Sean Kelly in what would become one of Australia’s iconic bands: Models.

After leaving the band in 1985, he started a multi-award winning sound production company for advertising and television, working for the biggest names in the region, including Qantas, Coca-Cola, Nike, and the unforgettable Sick ’em Rex ad for AntzPantz and the quirky Tomatoes … it’s a … Sony television commercial.

In the midst of this work, Andrew released a tribute EP to Jack Little (collaborating with Models alumni Mark Ferrie and James Valentine amongst others in the ensemble), and in 1988 his debut solo album Ten Happy Fingers.

In 1989 he rejoined Sean for the Absent Friends project, a year where he also wrote the insanely catchy theme song for Round The Twist, a song that continues to be played to this day (even being used to open the show for Mark Ronson’s stadium tour in 2015).

Today he continues to play keyboards and record with Models, having resumed his role in the lineup in 2010, stepping in as the role of producer on various musical projects, and also teaches sound design and music composition at RMIT and VCA.