RIP Johnny Crash

Dear Models friends and fans,

Before I started working with Johnny Crash, I was already a big fan. When JAB moved across from Adelaide with their entourage all those years ago, they brought an impressive air of authenticity to the Melbourne punk scene.

Later with Models, when programming prototype electronic drums, or syncopating a groove, Johnny was the best going around. He also wrote some great songs for us, including Vanessa, Brave New World, and Uncontrollable Boy, his work with the Sacred Cowboys and The Slaughtermen was amazing too.

Will very much miss the occasional visit with Johnny, he was a very caring person and a loyal friend.

May he rest in peace.

Sean Kelly

Early recording Models Brave New World with Johnny Crash on drums (thanks to Mark Sydow)
Image of Johnny at the Ballroom in 78-79 via Gary Minato on Facebook