Pulse Transit

Ash Davies new album Pulse Transit

Our astonishing drummer, Ash Davies, is also a composer and songwriter, and has released a new album today.

Pulse Transit is a response from Ash to contemporary dance. It features a fixed pulse for the duration of the album, over which different time signatures push and pull, sometimes simultaneously.

“In Pulse transit we hitch a ride with Ash Davies, one of this country’s most ambitious and unique story tellers. A brilliant and rewarding journey as usual” – James Lee, Black Cab

Featuring special guests Rosie Westbrook, Amy Valent Curtis, Julie O’Hara, Mark Domoney, Dave Evans (and Models’ own Andrew Duffield), with promotional photography by Sarah Enticknap, the album is recorded by Shane O’Mara and mixed by Paul ‘Woody’ Annison.

“I enjoyed how the performance didn’t seem to be in time … in fact there didn’t seem to be any sense of time. They played with time – had their own sense of time – it was random.

Someone mentioned that if they (the dancers) feel they are getting in time they will get back out of it.

The sense of rhythm and movement of the pieces affected me. I did not know enough about modern dance to understand the rudiments of this type of dance form, but what I did know is that I wanted to take the ideas I was getting from the visuals, movement, timing and performances and put that to music.

And the seed that took root in my mind was to write music that had a sense of bending time, slowing down and speeding up etc, even though its foundation was an unmovable pulse … which established a groove for me to work out from and a subconscious beat for the listener” – Ash Davies

Pulse – A musical beat or other regular rhythm.
transit – The action of passing through or across a place. Oxford Online Dictionary
Pulse – transit is 2 parallel trajectories travelling 2 lines of time … one shifting, the other fixed.

We love it. But then, we would…

Get it on CD or digitally via Bandcamp.