Pierre Voltaire takes a jab at Establishment … and WINS!

Founding Models bass player Pierre Voltaire (Pierre Sutcliffe these days) is planning on buying a new coffee machine with his $503,000 windfall from Channel Seven’s Million Dollar Minute.

Congratulations Pierre, it looks like your news addiction paid off!

Now when asked what his greatest achievements are, apart from (in descending order of importance) helping name the band; playing in JAB, Teenage Radio Stars and Models; being immortalised on film in Dogs in Space (Hugo Race took on the daunting role); and running a sporting business; Pierre can now say “answering five questions in a row in my tenth attempt to win the biggest cash jackpot in Australian daytime TV game show history”.

Even though he walked away with just over half the total on offer, Pierre had no regrets – if he had continued playing on for that prize and lost he would have left with a paltry $75,000.

“F—, that would kill me,” he told The Age. “You pay off a few credit cards, buy a cup of coffee and it’s gone. That’s why I pulled the pin.”

So again, congratulations Pierre – first for your well deserved win and second for your choice interview quips.

And don’t forget to stock up on Models tea towels, shirts and CDs – they’re great stocking stuffers (with Christmas in July just around the corner)!