Mark Ferrie

Mark has a habit of co-founding quality Australian bands, from the Sacred Cowboys to The Slaughtermen, The Trailblazers (AKA Truckasaurus) to The Renovators and (most recently) The Mercurials.

His bass playing abilities have seen him lured to back performers such as Stephen Cummings and Andrew Pendlebury (both of which feature his bass playing on their debut solo albums).

Many Australians know him as practically a family member, due to his house-band tenure on SBS’s iconic RocKwiz, a gig he’s been playing in the studio or live around the country since 2004.

He has also managed to squeeze in solo work, with his latest album an experiment in digital production and Ethiopian jazz.

Behind the scenes, Mark has composed and produced original soundtracks for film and video, and even set up his own label: Greasy Pole Records. Known for his artistic eye, Mark has also worked as a graphic artist, providing cover art for numerous albums, and even providing the layout for national roots music, Rhythms magazine.